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central reservation
strip of land or barrier separating a dual carriage way
cookies, cookie munching
cookies are the dots on unconfirmed (pacman roads). Cookie munching (or road munching) is driving over such roads (and in the process confirming them)
whether a road is one-way, two-way or no-entrance
divided highway
see dual carriageway
dual carriageway
a road or highway in which the two directions of traffic are separated by a central barrier or strip of land, known as a central reservation or median
the level of a road with respect to surround roads. So a road would normally be a level grade. A road going underneath in a tunnel would be a -1 grade. A road going over would be a +1 grade. At complicated junctions such as freeway interchanges there can be many levels. So on a flat map we assign levels to show that while the roads cross, they do not connect because they are at different heights
motorway; the major road system in your country
the layout of a road. Each road is made up of straight line segments. These can be arbitrarily short, effectively allowing curves
High Occupancy Vehicle. A vehicle with 1 or more passengers. HOV Lanes, also known as Carpool Lanes and Transit Lanes are lanes restricted for the use of cars carrying a specified number of passengers
junction Junction normal.png
the point where two or more roads connect; often incorrectly referred to as a 'node'.

Junctions look differently depending on the situation:

  • Junction seletected.png Selected and editable segment junction
  • Uneditable junction.png Selected and uneditable segment junction (no permissions to change)
  • Junction unsaved.png Changed, unsaved junction
median, median barrier
strip of land or barrier separating a divided highway or motorway
freeway; the major road system in your country
driving over unconfirmed roads (pacman roads). See cookie munching
node Segment node.png Landmark node.png
a handle on a segment or landmark allowing modification to the object geometry; also referred to as a 'geometry node'
starting point for a driving route
pacman roads
unconfirmed roads marked with dots (cookies). Roads that have not been driven on since created or significantly edited in Cartouche. Driving over these roads earns you points and turns your car icon into a Pacman-type character that "munches the dots"
a freeway entrance or exit; sliproad. Ramps may be on-ramps or off-ramps. Ramps are often at a different grade from the connecting road or freeway
road munching
earning points by driving over roads (distance travelled). Also see cookie munching
a motorway entrance or exit; ramp. Sliproads are often at a different grade from the connecting road or motorway
user of the Waze app