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Lock Levels

Indiana currently observes the following Great Lakes Region minimum lock levels for Waze road types:

 Freeway  - 5
 Major Highway  (MH) - 3
 Minor Highway  (mH) - 3
 Primary Street  (PS) - 2

The  Ramp  road type is to be locked at the level of road it serves.

i.e. a ramp connected to a Freeway is locked at 5, a ramp serving a Major Highway, or Minor Highway intersection is locked at 3, etc.

 Street  All others - 1

Note: These are minimums and, for protection, certain segments may be at higher lock levels.

Name Normalization

Indiana will use the following standards for naming:
Interstate System - I-xx
US Highways - US-xx
State Highways - IN-xxx
County Highways - CH-xxx