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Informal mentoring resources

The following resources may be useful for the Mentee to review alone or for the Mentor to suggest specific items to review or to use.

Resources for formal mentoring

The following is a list of online resources available for the Formal Mentoring Process.

  • Forum discussion is currently in a "Trial" stage and is held on this forum.

Formal Mentoring was pioneered in the USA, therefore some of the basic guidelines for the USA can be used as general guidelines unless your country has specific guidelines to overrule them.

Formal Mentoring Badges

Those that have been accepted as Formal Mentors may have one of three badges that will appear in the Forum and other locations. All are Formal Mentors but with different Rank in the Waze Community.

Badge Mentor.png Badge Mentor Local Champ.png Badge Mentor Global Champ.png
Formal Mentor Formal Mentor
Local Champ
Formal Mentor
Global Champ