Military Bases

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Military Bases and Government Installations


All roads within the confines of the gate for a military base should have the official name of the base as the city name. Approved abbreviations are:

  • AFB-Air Force Base
  • CG-Coast Guard
  • JB-Joint Base
  • JRB-Joint Reserve Base
  • MCAS-Marine Corps Air Station
  • MCB-Marine Corps Base
  • MCLB-Marine Corps Logistics Base (only 2 in the US)
  • MCRD-Marine Corps Recruit Depot
  • NAS-Naval Air Station
  • Examples: NS Mayport, NAS Jacksonville, or NSB Kings Bay.



    While road treatment is covered here, gates should be set to private road going into the gate and  Street / Primary Street  going out of the gate.

    STANDARD Gate treatment example. Note that this road is of a "primary" type but the private segment used for the inbound lane is used to prevent through-routing.

    Functional classification

    Bases do not get functional classification per state guidelines. They all fall outside of state DoTs and therefore do not need to be functionally classed. For most military bases (especially in the eastern part of the US) the highest classification should be  Primary Street . For those large bases in the western part of the US,  Minor Highway  is allowed.

    City Name Change

    City names should change at the gate.



    Places approved for military bases

    • College / University
    • Commissary
    • Gas stations
    • Lodging (base hotels)
    • Museums
    • Parks
    • PX/BX
    • School

    Places not approved for military bases

    The reasoning behind these are a person who is hungry and searches for "Burger King" will get the closest one to them. The closest may be on a military base which they don't have access to.

    • Barracks
    • Fast food places
    • Hangars
    • Numbered buildings
    • Residences
    • Troop clubs (NCO, officer, etc)