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[[File:I-94.png|30x30px|center |link=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_94_in_Montana]]
[[File:I-94.png|30x30px|center |link=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_94_in_Montana]]
  || I-90 at Billings || I-94 near Beach, ND || Editor(s) || {{Progress bar|5|height=8|header=yes}}
  || I-90 at Billings || I-94 near Beach, ND || Editor(s) || {{Progress bar|100|height=8|header=yes}}

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This page serves as a consolidation point for the Montana's To Do list in the NW Montana forum.

  • Updating UR/MP's. Using URO+ will help you keep track of the UR/MP's
  • Consolidation of the following.[1]
    • Roads mapped and named
    • Correct turn restrictions set
    • House numbers added
    • Speed limits set
    • Surrounding area
    • Geometry optimized

^1 [1]

Editors : Make sure you continuously update all Freeways, US interstates, State and Secondary Highways. As you edit use your best estimation of completion and edit the progress bar.

Montana's Interstate and Highways completion list

Interstate InterstateUS Hwy US HwyMT Highways MT HighwaysState Hwys State Hwys
Route # Beginning location Ending location Editor(s) Comments-Percentage Completion
I-15 near Monida Alberta Hwy 4 at Sweetgrass Kinematic Skyviewguru

100% completed (estimate)


I-90 near Mullan, ID I-90 / US 87 near Ranchester, WY Kinematic

100% completed (estimate)


I-90 at Billings I-94 near Beach, ND Editor(s)

100% completed (estimate)


600px-I-115 (big).svg.png
I-15 / I-90 in Butte Downtown Butte Kinematic

100% completed (estimate)


also called
Business Loop 15.png
I-15 / US 89 / MT 200 in Great Falls Downtown Great Falls User:Kinematic

100% completed (estimate)