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The NJ editing community is using Discord for real-time and near-real-time communications between editors. Click here to join for questions, unlock requests, or other discussions with local editors. (The old GHO is retired; please join our Discord community instead.)

Community Roles

  • If you are presently one of the above and an editor in this State, please add yourself to the table listed below .
  • If you are an editor looking to become an AM, please add yourself in this table. Keep in mind, the best way to obtain AM status, is by becoming involved in the Waze community.


The greatest resource for editors of any rank is to learn hands on from editors with more experience than themselves. The Mentoring programs are strongly recommended, whether formal or informal.

If you have any questions or difficulties with any aspect of editing, feel free to contact any of New Jersey's Waze Champs, Country Managers, State Manager(s), or senior editors list in the table below.

You can also contact the Regional Coordinator(s) or Assistant Regional Coordinator(s) orbitc (PM [Help])  Profile L6.png and PhantomSoul (PM [Help])  Profile L6.png