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See New York/Cities and towns for guidance in New York that may not be universal to all other states and territories.

Segment city names within the state are based on administrative divisions of New York State. As almost all land within the state is incorporated, every segment should have at least have the city name of the incorporated village, town, city, or borough (NYC only) the segment is within and should not be listed as "no city".

Additionally, the state has hamlets, census-designated places (CDPs), and neighborhoods that are treated with quasi-official status in some portions of the state and may have been included with the original basemap import. Some of these areas may coincide with USPS names, but typically do not have the same boundaries. In areas of upstate New York, hamlets and CDPs may have large areas and small populations and need not be mapped in rural areas, whereas counties such as Suffolk, Nassau, Rockland, and Westchester have smaller areas with high populations that fall under that quasi-official status (e.g., Suffolk County provides hamlet boundaries in its county GIS). Check with state leadership before adding or removing a hamlet, CDP, or neighborhood name from a segment.

New York City neighborhoods are currently not used as a city name; use the borough name in these areas.