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{{FC/County|Cayuga|date=15/03|in progress|Joyriding}}
{{FC/County|Cayuga|date=15/03|in progress|Joyriding}}
{{FC/County|Chautauqua|date=20/01|in progress|jushag}}

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These rows fill the FC upgrade table, and are modified using the template {{FC/County}}. If you are working on upgrading the roads to FC standards in a county please add your name to the end of the row for your county, and change the status to the appropriate status.

The only recognized text for status are spells exactly as listed here, and need to follow right after the county name separated by a pipe character (|). The statuses are; "not started", "in progress", and "complete" without the quotes (").

The editors working on FC in that county should add their username(s) after the status, separated by a pipe character (|). This template can accommodate up to six editors per county, separated by a pipe (|).

The date parameter (|date=YY/MM(/DD)|) should be updated any time you update a row. Put the date you are modifying the row after the equals sign (=). Use the format YY/MM/DD. The day of the month is optional. Using this format will make it easier to sort the list by updated date. This will help ensure the information on the list is current, and make it easy to find stale rows which may need to be adopted by other editors.

For example an untouched county will look like this in list below

{{FC/County|County Name|date=YY/MM(/DD)|not started}}

and should be modified to look like this once the upgrade has started

{{FC/County|County Name|date=14/08|in progress|username}}

If there are multiple editors it should look like this

{{FC/County|County Name|date=14/08/20|in progress|username1|username2}}

Whenever you edit this table, please be sure to include the name of the county or counties you are editing in the summary field under the edit box. ————————————————————————————————————

The actual contents of this page will only be visible in the FC table, or when editing this page.