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Start: 11 June 2018 End: 31 July 2018 (approximately)

We'll take Manhattan

Manhattan is the second phase of the New York UR Project. For general information about the entire project, please refer to the project page.


  1. Use URs to find and fix the map
  2. Analyze, answer, and act on every open UR in Manhattan.
  3. Learn, practice, and teach NY state guidelines and best practices for working URs
  4. Look for and fix other issues in the general vicinity of the URs
  5. If all the URs are currently dealt with (closed, or in a "waiting period"), address PURs and MPs in the current borough.

What is NOT a Goal of this Project

  • Any edits not required to solve URs, such as parking lots or other basic edits.
  • Speed Limits (except if required to solve a UR or to bring the segment you are working on up to NY state standards).
  • Locking standards (except if required to bring the segment you are working on up to NY state standards).

Project Tools for Manhattan

In addition to the recommended Project Tools, the following are recommended in Manhattan:

New York State Email
Ever wish the UR reporter could email you images or more information? The New York State editing community has set up an email address - - to make this easier. If they include your username in the subject line, someone (Dude495 or JDelosa) will forward it to you. If you sign up, the account will autoforward the emails to you. The New York editing community feels that this step takes very little effort and occasionally yields fantastic results. Give it a try whenever you think it might help. (The NY Community strongly recommends you include this email somewhere in your closing response before marking any UR as Not Identified)
Manhattan Groups Overlay
See the your group's area and borders in WME (Many thanks to Dude495 and MapOMatic)
Lists of URs by NY counties
Including New (no response), Waiting for Editor and Ready for Reminder / Close,


These are the group assignments for this phase of the project. In order to help with project-related statistic collection, please do not begin in your new area until the start date.

Right-click your group number to start WME in your group area

Group1Group2Group3Group4Group5Group6Group7Group8Group9Group10Manhattan 10 groups.png
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Username Rank Group
Joyriding 5 1
TheChrisK 5 1
SpencerFG 4 1
jushag 2 1
Rfrsw101 5 2
Madcatvt 3 2
YourEvilTwinFTW 3 2
JakePost 2 2
Poncewattle 5 3
voludu2 5 3
Dude495 4 3
BC21620 2 3
derrydrivin 2 3
LennyNRPD 5 4
michelle-s 5 4
GeekDriverPeaceful 4 4
That_One_Tall_Guy 1 4
JDeLosa 5 5
russblau 5 5
firefighterdude 2 5
whoaitspete 5 6
sikemever 4 6
G_W1Z 3 6
Mjraneri 1 6
Machete808 5 7
krzycholub 3 7
NoahKarateKidlol 2 7
jr1982jr 5 8
tenetienne 3 8
Hobbz1701 2 8
dfortney 5 9
juliansean 4 9
RodeNinja 3 9
Chronos74 2 9
dhschneider 5 10
NJMedic2535 4 10
Be8el0ve 3 10