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The primary purpose of Place Name Harmonization (PNH) is to provide a consistent and optimal user search experience in the app. The goal is to maximize the likelihood that a user will be able to quickly find what they are searching for, first in Instant results, then in full search. When a business name is harmonized a standard (State, Region or National) is made for the primary name, alternative names if appropriate, descriptions, website link and other details as necessary.
A minimum of 5-10 locations is usually preferred before a business is harmonized. If a business is expected to grow beyond this number then early submission makes sense.
The PNH process starts with map editors submitting a request for harmonization of a business. This submission is reviewed by regional moderators and can be made national if appropriate. Due to complexities of how businesses may operate in different regions, occasionally a businesses may have different nuances in each region. If you have a question about a business please feel free to contact your regional PNH moderator listed below.
The [[WME Place Harmonizer]] (WMEPH) script is available to help editors choose the harmonized name for businesses, as well as to help fill and format other place fields.
===[[USA/Great Lakes|Great Lakes Region (GLR)]]===
===[[USA/Great Lakes|Great Lakes Region (GLR)]]===

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