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Node closures

When two or more consecutive segments are selected when adding a real-time closure, it is possible to close each adjacent or included junction node to crossing or turning traffic. Junction nodes between selected segments will automatically be selected for closure, while nodes at the end of a range of multiple segments are not automatically marked for closure, but can be enabled. All traffic flow (including cross traffic) through a closed node is prohibited. There is no partial-node closure function to select individual turns.

Editing or removing node closures

Node closures can be enabled or disabled from the closure tab when creating or editing a real time closure on an adjacent segment(s). Additionally, if all closures that utilize the closed node are removed for a junction node, that node closure will also be removed. However, if any active segment closure closure remains which use that junction node, then that node closure will remain. The node closure must be disabled using the using the toggle switch in a remaining adjacent segment closure to allow turns.

Note. If a Freeway is closed due to weather from Mile 0 to Exit 100, and then the eastern part of the road is opened (Exit 60-Exit 100), be sure to remove the node closure at the remaining eastern closure. Otherwise the entrance ramp at the Exit 60 interchange will not allow routing.

Node closures on one way segments Node closure on a one way segment can only be closed on the input node. Another adjoining segment needs to have a closure to be able to close the exit node of the one way segment

Node closure on an intersection If there is construction that only closes the intersection and the adjoining segments allow routing up to intersection, then you can add another 6 m segment (ex two way Private Road with a prohibited Time Based Segment Restiction) to the intersection. After the Tile Update makes the new segment live in the app, then the new segment can be closed and have the junction node for the intersection be closed. After the intersection is opened the 6m PR should be removed.

Example there is work at the site of the new entrance and exit. Adding the new road allows it to be closed and add the node closure. This prevents any traffic though that corner.but the other road segments remain open. It does help to have the appropriate u-turns enabled on the open segments at the node closure.

Watch out for closures that turn corners Node closure on adjacent segments that are at 90 degree angles will close all traffic flow for the two streets that are the other segments

The traffic flow for the red line is prohibited but the traffic flow for the blue line is allowed. The node closure (at N Overlook Dr & Halcyon Dr) prevents all traffic so the blue line travel is prohibited unless the node closure is removed.