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  • Mega event - A major event that will typically have road closures or detours. It is usually a scheduled event with significant exposure and likely to impact an entire community. A major natural disaster can be added after it occurs if roads are going to be rerouted for many days.
  • Temporary road closures - Users in the client app can mark an unexpected road closure they see while driving. It is typically used for unexpected, short term closures of a few days. Currently this feature is only available in the client application and requires multiple users be at the location to enter the same road closure information on the map before it will be seen by other drivers. Once this feature is available in WME it will have more use.
  • Scheduled restrictions - A new feature recently added to WME. Used when turns or roadways are restricted for certain times of day, days of the week, vehicle types, etc. It has the ability to only restrict during a specific date range, so it can be used in place of mega events or temporary road closures if necessary.
  • Disconnect road segments - In general it is not recommended to disconnect road segments unless roads are permanently being disconnected. However, this method has been used for longer term construction projects while waiting for the scheduled restrictions feature.