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These resources provide information about roads in RI, including functional classifications, construction updates, and address information.

Visit the Cities and Towns section to view GIS and PLAT maps for individual towns in Rhode Island.


While Waze editors utilize many scripts during their work (most of which can be found on the Scripts page), there are a few scripts that are specific to RI that can also be usedː

  • RI Cities Overlay - Displays boundaries for all towns and recognized villages in RI
  • RI Urban Area Overlay - Displays boundaries for all areas in RI designated as "Urban" by RIDOT. Useful for determining whether to use the road name (urban) or state route number (non-urban) as a primary road segment name.
  • WME Localization Validator - Validates places in RI to ensure they conform to current Place standards
  • WME GIS Layers - Displays boundaries for individual addresses in the state. NOTEː Does not currently support all towns, but hopefully will 'soon'.