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The Waze community has created the following plugins/extensions/addons for use in the Waze web-based environments. (Client-side possible?)


Papyrus Extended Tools

This plugin/extension which displays a table of all the current view's country, state, city and street names. You can select all segments of a street using a custom button. This extension makes it very easy to find and fix incorrect cities and states (for the US) and bad street names.

This table of information appears on the left side of the window, to the left of the map display area, and underneath the Properties drawer. If you don't see it, retract the Properties drawer.

Download the Papyrus Extended Tools (Firefox requires the Greasemonkey Addon.)


LiveMap Navigation List

This plugin/extension works with the Waze LiveMap only. After installing, create a route in the LiveMap by clicking on the origin and destination. Once the LiveMap requests the route, the left side area will switch from the current events scrolling list, to a navigation list of the route. Multiple routes are displayed. Each turn is clickable and the map will zoom to that location.

Download the LiveMap Navigation List (Firefox requires the Greasemonkey Addon.)