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This is an auxiliary template which enables encoding "||" within template and parser function parameters. To get the symbol in final output this template is unnecessary, better use "||" which is rendered the same. Use this template in parameter values of templates and parser functions of which the result is used in table syntax, since this requires the "real" pipe character.

This template cannot be used for putting the character as text in a wiki table; in that case, again, "||" can be used.

Note that the table syntax code "!!" (double exclamation mark) can be used directly in parameter values, so for that a template like this is not needed.

See Wikimedia Template:!!

Use this template to produce the character or characters "||" as ordinary text rather than as part of a link [[ ]], transclusion {{ }}, variable {{{ }}}, etc.

Similar templates

Template Output HTML alternative
{{!!}} || ||
{{!(}} Template:!( [
{{)!}} Template:)! ]
{{!((}} [[ [[
{{))!}} Template:))! ]]
{{(}} Template:( {
{{)}} Template:) }
{{((}} {{ {{
{{))}} }} }}
{{(((}} Template:((( {{{
{{)))}} Template:))) }}}
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