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Tennessee State Maps

Traffic and Construction Sources

Mapping Resources - GIS Data

GIS Data for 81 of Tennessee's 95 counties can be found on the state property viewer website. In addition, the counties listed in the table below maintain their own GIS websites. Some of these counties are not available on the state website, while a few can be viewed on both the state site as well as on their own site.

County On State Website? Local Website
Anderson yes GIS viewer
Blount yes GIS viewer
Bradley no GIS viewer
Cheatham yes GIS viewer
Davidson no GIS viewer
Greene yes GIS viewer
Hamilton no GIS viewer
Hardeman yes GIS viewer
Hickman no Property search only
Jefferson yes GIS viewer
Knox no GIS viewer
Maury yes GIS viewer
McMinn yes GIS viewer
Montgomery no GIS viewer
Putnam yes GIS viewer
Roane no GIS viewer
Robertson yes GIS viewer
Rutherford no GIS viewer
Sevier no GIS viewer
Shelby no GIS viewer
Sullivan no Property search only
Sumner no GIS viewer
Tipton yes GIS viewer
Unicoi no Property search only
Washington yes GIS viewer
Williamson no GIS viewer and PDF maps
Wilson yes GIS viewer

Speed Limits

According to Tennessee Code Annotated 55-8-152, the following maximum speed limits apply in Tennessee, with individual counties and municipalities setting lower speeds on individual roads as needed:

Interstates and limited access freeways (urban and rural): 70 MPH Divided highways: 65 MPH Undivided and two-lane roads: 55 MPH Residential streets: 30 MPH

Before verifying a speed limit in the editor, it MUST be confirmed either with the street view reticle in WME, reports from "on the ground", or using data provided by individual municipalities if available. A list of speed limit data collected by editors can be found on this page.