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For Review

Update Request Protocol for New York:

Protocol for handling Update Requests in New York is to send an initial response to the user as soon as possible regardless of age. The User should be give a minimum of 7 days to respond to it before the first reminder message is sent out. If no response is received after another 7 days the Update Request should be looked at again for any possible fixes. If none can be found from the limited information the request gives then it can marked as NOT IDENTIFIED and a closing response sent with it. This would equal a total of 14 days the update request is open unless there is continued dialogue with the user.

There are some exceptions that can be made to the amount of days the update request is open. If the you get response but still don't have enough information, restart the reminder of 7 + 7 to try and get more information. Other exceptions may include but not limited to needing advice from a senior editor, more time to research the issue, and other cluster update requests.

When coming across a update request that another editor has start, please be aware they have put time into it. If there is a continuing dialogue between editor and reporter let them continue to work on the issue. But, If there as been no response for more then 7 days as per the update protocol you may send a reminder message. If you do this you also should look at the update request and see if you can fix this issue. This will help in improving the map.