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Name: Rob
From: Massachusetts (reside in Florida), USA
Work: Cyber Security (public sector)
Hobbies: Railroads, flying UAVs, classical music

Began editing: Sep 2009
Current grade/rank: Global Champ/6
Positions held (some did not formally exist at the time held...and ranks weren't always a thing, either):
-- AM, SM, CM, ARC, RC, GC
Current position: New England Region Assistance Regional Coordinator (ARC)
Forum manager
User Profile:


Map Raids
2017 Swaziland
2020 Maine

2012, Palo Alto (NA Regional),
2013, Sunnyvale (NA Regional); Tel Aviv (Global)
2014, Las Vegas (NA Regional)
2016, Marlborough, MA (organizer, NER unofficial Cafe); New Orleans (NA Regional)
2017, San Diego (NA Regional)
2018, Portland, ME (organizer, NER Local); Savannah (SER Local); Tampa (SER Cafe)
2019, Boston (NER/NOR Local)
2020, Miami (NA Regional)

on occasion

Suggested in 2011 that Waze incorporate railroad crossings. Became a reality in 2020.

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