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Crazycaveman — Area, State, Country Managers, and Regional Coordinators
Regional Coordinator(s):
[RC] Testing (PM)  Profile L6.png
[ARC1] [[User:{{{5}}}|{{{5}}}]] (PM)  Profile L6.png
[ARC2] [[User:{{{6}}}|{{{6}}}]] (PM)  Profile L6.png
[ARC3] [[User:{{{7}}}|{{{7}}}]] (PM)  Profile L6.png
[ARC4] [[User:{{{8}}}|{{{8}}}]] (PM)  Profile L6.png
Username Area Managed Comments
Country Managers (USA region)
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driving79(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Countrywide BadgeRC-Temp.pngBadge LocalChamp.png
FL Resident
txemt(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Countrywide Badge LocalChamp.png
FL Resident
spankdog(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Countrywide Badge LocalChamp.png
GA Resident
banished(6) [PM] Profile L6.png Countrywide Badge GlobalChamp.png
GA Resident
ggrane(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Countrywide Badge CountryManager.pngBadge StateManager.png
FL Resident
State Managers (USA region)
bruceqc(5) [PM] Profile L5.png AL Badge StateManager.png
AL Resident
heyblue(5) [PM] Profile L5.png AL Badge StateManager.png
AL Resident
jakflash(5) [PM] Profile L5.png FL, AL, GA Badge StateManager.png
FL Resident
keepfsusafe(5) [PM] Profile L5.png SE region
Special Events, Projects & Emergencies
Badge StateManager.png
FL Resident
spedracr(5) [PM] Profile L5.png GA Badge StateManager.png
GA Resident
t0cableguy(5) [PM] Profile L5.png FL, AL, GA Badge StateManager.png
FL Resident
Area Managers
Alabama.png ALABAMA
jbrianj(4) [PM] Profile L4.png Gulf Coast
(Mobile, Gulf Shores)
Badge AreaManager.png
Florida.png FLORIDA
bmtg(4) [PM] Profile L4.png West Central
(Tampa Bay)
Badge AreaManager.png
Local Resident
Georgia.png GEORGIA
huckd(5) [PM] Profile L5.png Statewide Badge AreaManager.png
Local Resident