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Turkey districts KML file

I found a KML file that includes all the districts for Turkey. This can be loaded into the WME Geometries script. They don't allow redistribution without permission, so follow these instructions to download it yourself. There are level 0, 1 and 2 files on the download page. I'm not sure how they differ, but level 2 was the largest so I think it is either the newest or has the most detail.

  1. go to []
  2. click on the download the data by country link
  3. select Turkey and select Google Earth .kmz format and click OK
  4. click the level 2 link to download the file
  5. rename the TUR_adm2.kmz file to
  6. unzip the file and you will now have a TUR_adm2.kml file
  7. in your WME window, click on the Areas tab on the left panel
  8. (if you don't see Import Geometry File, you don't have WME Geometries installed)
  9. select Choose File and open the TUR_adm2.kml file

You should now see the Turkey district borders and names in purple in WME.

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