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Waze Contributions

Rank 4 - Large Area Manager (Statewide New York)


February 22: Joined Waze as a regular app user.


Basic WME edits for personal UR’s.


April 12: Received welcome letter from Whoaitspete about WME Editing and to join the GHO community also same date joined the NY Boot Camp and NY State GHO’s.

April-December: Started basic editing with assistance from NY Boot Camp/Capital District GHO as well as advanced L2 skills along driving areas.


January 8: Began assisting with the Panera Bread and Red Lobster adpin corrections and standardizing in the Capital District (NY)

January 29: Applied for first AM

January 30: First AM approval (Northern Schenectady/Niskayuna)

February-April: Awazeing Race (New York State)

March 16: Applied for second AM area (Saranac Lake/Lake Placid)

March 25: Second AM area approved

March-April: Basemap and FC in Franklin/Essex County areas

March-April: West Virginia Map Raid Group 4

April 13: Had new town (Brighton, Franklin) created and updated city map layer

April: Gained EA through parts of MA, NH, and ME during a long trip and began editing within the specific communities alongside the respective GHO’s.

April: Had new town created and began correcting Town of Florida, Montgomery County (Florida, Montgomery) city map and FC

April 29: Updated and verified all GIS links for the WME GIS script for all of New York State (Including NYC)

May: Completed R3 formal mentoring process.

May 3: Early R3 Promotion

May 10: Applied for third AM expansion over first original area

May 14: Third AM expansion approved (Upstate/Capital District)

May: Began working on Fulton/Montgomery County basemap

June 5: Invited to participate in the CCP PANYNJ POI project

July 9: Expanded Upstate NY AM

August 26: Participated in the China Mega MapRaid Group 2

September 17: Participated in the Pennsylvania Mega MapRaid Group 2

October 1: Completed R4 Formal Mentoring by Whoaitspete

October 4: Rank 4 Promotion

October 9: Requested AM expansion over Syracuse to continue informal mentoring with YourEvilTwinFTW

October 10: AM Expansion approved.

October 24: Mentor In Training with JDelosa - working with YourEvilTwinFTW through R1-R2 skillsets.

November 2: Started the NY UR/MP Stats project with Johnsninja58

November 16: Project completed and presented to SM leadership and began final testing phase

November 22: Project presented to ARC PesachZ and RC OrbitC, and approved for webhook live in NOR server.


January 09: Granted NYS Statewide RTC access.

February 18: Became official Mentor

March 24: Granted NY Statewide AM

March 26: Official LAM role granted

May 8: Invited to join Pakistan to build local guidelines and mentor local  editors

July 19: Planned 'Brooklyn Phase' of the NY UR Project.


    • Adding all Fire Dept’s and hospitals In Schenectady County
    • MTE Awazeing Race 2017
    • West Virginia MapRaid
    • Saranac Lake/Lake Placid FC
    • Saranac Lake/Lake Placid Basemap
    • Franklin Co/Essex Co basemap
    • China Mega MapRaid
    • Pennsylvania Mega MapRaid
    • Informal Boot Camp mentoring with Newer editors in Upstate NY
    • Updated and Verified all GIS links for WME GIS Script
    • Fulton County FC (In Prog.)
    • Fulton County Basemap (In Prog.)
    • Montgomery County FC (In Prog.)
    • PLA MP completion (In Prog.)
    • CCP PANYNJ POI (In Prog.)
    • NY UR Stats Project and Discord Webhook
    • NYS RTC Team
    • Pakistan WoW1 Building guidelines and mentoring local editors