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'''[https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/378295-wme-land-of-the-pure-timer WoW Countdown Timer]'''
'''[https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/378295-wme-land-of-the-pure-timer WoW Countdown Timer]'''
* Adds a count down timer to the left panel of your WME window to the start of raid, once the current phase beings the timer will change to the time remaining.
* Adds a count down timer to the left panel of your WME window to the start of raid, once the WoWs2 begins the timer will change to the time remaining.
== Groups ==
== Groups ==

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Pakistan - Land of the Pure.

Welcome to Pakistan, Enter the Land of The Pure.

Pakistan extends along either side of the historic Indus River, following its course from the mountain valleys of the Himalayas down to the Arabian Sea. Bordering on India, China, Afghanistan and Iran, Pakistan's 796,095 square kilometers of territory include a wide variety of landscapes, from arid deserts to lush green valleys to stark mountain peaks. Geographically, Pakistan can be divided into three regions: the lowlands along the Indus in the south and east, the arid plateau of Baluchistan in the southwest, and the mountains of the north. The provinces of Punjab and Sindh, in the east and south, are well irrigated. Pakistan's mountainous north contains the second tallest peak on Earth, K2 (28,250 ft., 8611 m), and over 300 glaciers. Three great mountain ranges stretch across this part of the country: the Himalayas, the Karakorams and the Hindu Kush.

Faith, Unity, Discipline.

The Primary Goals of this WoW/MapRaid is to verify and build the road networks across Pakistan as well as improve connectivity of existing road networks.


Local Hosts

  • Jawadch
  • Kashif_Alvi

Foreign Supporting Hosts

  • Marcin_S (Country Coordinator)
  • Freesoft
  • Challenger3802
  • Dude495
  • GeekDriverPeaceful_4
  • Mareku188


Primary Goals

  1. Verify and build road networks throughout the MapRaid areas.*
  2. Connectivity of existing road networks

*Naming of road names/city names can be left for local editors if no official information is available

Secondary Goals

  1. Add religious centers as one of main POI.

What is NOT a Goal of this Project


Pakistan is a LEFT HAND TRAFFIC (LHT) country, meaning you drive on the LEFT side of the road. Please keep this in mind when mapping roads, especially divided roadways.

Road Types

Pakistan is made up of many different types and styles of roads. Below is a list of a few of them.

  •  Freeway (FWY)  - Motorways (limited access roads with no signal control)
  •  Major Highway (MH)  - All National Highways (which have numbers likes N55 and Expressways which have numbers E..)
  •  Minor Highway (mH)  - All roads that connect two cities.
  •  Primary Street (PS)  - Major in-city roads and roads to small villages/Chak.
  •  Street  - Streets within a city that are not listed as above. Typically neighbourhood roads.
  •  Private Road (PR)  - Used for gated communities or private roads where the public would not be allowed to be routed through.
  •  Parking Lot Road (PLR)  - Roads within a Parking Lot Area, such as shopping centers, Petrol Pumps etc.

Speed Limits

Rural Areas

  •  120 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 100 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 80 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 100 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 80 km/hr 
  •  60 km/hr 
  •  50 km/hr 

Urban Areas

  •  120 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 50 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 50 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 50 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 50 km/hr 
  •  50 km/hr 
  •  40 km/hr 


  •  120 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 60 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 60 km/hr 
  •  (ONE WAY) 60 km/hr 
  •  (TWO WAY) 60 km/hr 
  •  60 km/hr 
  •  50 km/hr 

Lock Levels

Minimum Road Lock Standard

Minimum Road Lock Standard
Segment Type Level
 Freeway (FWY)  4
 Ramp  HCS*
 Major Highway (MH)  4
 Minor Highway (mH)  3
 Primary Street (PS)  2
 Street  1
 Private Road (PR)  1
 Parking Lot Road (PLR) 

 Parking Lot Road (Petrol Pumps) 



 |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| Railroad |-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|  2
 • • • • Ferry • • • •   3
 ⁃     ⁃        ⁃        ⁃        ⁃ Runway ⁃        ⁃        ⁃        ⁃        ⁃  4

* HCS - Locked to the Highest Connecting Segment Lock Level (mH to FWY ramp would be locked to 4)

The lock levels above are minimums, meaning that segments may have higher locks.
Note: Do Not Mass Edit just to update locks to these standards, these can be adjusted as you find them while editing other aspects of the segments.

Tools and Scripts for Pakistan

Editing Resources

Allowed sources:

  • WME Satellite Imagery and WME Street View* (do not copy street names from WME Street View)

* Waze Street View is extremely limited if existing at all in Pakistan.

NOT allowed sources:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View within Google Maps
  • Street names which appear in WME street view images (these come from Google Maps, and are sometimes wrong)
  • Other external sources, such as OpenStreetMaps, Bing, etc.

Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this mapraid.. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!

Recommended Scripts

These tools are all scripts that will help you make better use of the information available to you in WME. For this WoW, the following are highly recommended. You are responsible for learning what they do and using them appropriately.

WME Magic

  • A powerful script that will help you spot map problems more quickly. Ask group leaders for the best settings for the types of problems you are working on
    • Install for Chrome only (Requires Tampermonkey).

WME PL Cleaner

  • An extension that removes the layer settings and insert the "missing" / in URLs
    • Install for Chrome (Chrome Webstore)
    • Install for Firefox (direct download link)

WME Toolbox

  • Helps you spot 2-segment loops, segments with undefined direction, and "soft nodes" with unconfirmed turns, and has other tools available for higher-ranked editors.

Junction Angle Info

  • An extension that shows junction's angles. Essential for knowing what the default Waze turn instructions will be.

Street View Availability

  • A script that shows where Street View imagery is available in WME segments and places.

Groups Overlay Script

  • See the your group's area and borders in WME and jump directly to your group from anywhere in the world.

WoW Countdown Timer

  • Adds a count down timer to the left panel of your WME window to the start of raid, once the WoWs2 begins the timer will change to the time remaining.


Right-click your group number to start WME in your group area.

We are aware of some gaps between groups. If you encounter an issue with mapping or connecting a roadway in those gaps please reach out to one of your group leaders.

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