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Update Requests

Any editor can research and reply to an Update Request. Rank 1 editors will need to work with a more senior editor to review and close a UR.

The main objective is to resolve legitimate map issues -- not just to close URs. Be sure to take time to understand the issue, and ensure that the reporter has time to respond. URs may be left open longer if needed to properly resolve the issue.

To improve your chances of getting helpful replies to your UR comments, use specific, personalized comments such as Last Tuesday at 5PM, Waze instructed you to turn right on W 40th Street, but you continued straight on 8th Avenue. What was wrong?. Avoid using generic generated comments, and be very cautious of any scripts which have options to automate your comments in any way.

It helps to let the reporter know they need to reply in the app, that email responses will not reach us.

New York generally follows national guidance with these exceptions:

No editor "owns" a UR, we work as a team to investigate and resolve issues. However, if it is clear an editor is actively working on an issue with the reporter, etiquette dictates that you contact them before stepping in and resolving it.
New York uses the this timeline:


  • Use aerial view, street view, and the information in the UR to try to solve the UR. If you can fix the problem, do so, and thank the reporter for their help. If you need more information, ask the original reporter for help.
  • Send a reminder 7 days after the initial message from an editor.
  • If there is still no response, close the UR 7 days after the reminder message was sent, and include our email address in your reply: along with asking them to put your editor username in the subject line so emails can be auto forwarded to you.
If you are regularly responding to URs, contact a State Manager for the process to be added to the auto-forward for the email account so you can receive any replies directly.
Jan 10, Initial request for more information sent by an editor
Jan 17, reminder sent
Jan 24, problem closed "Not Identified"