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Mid-Atlantic Region Large Area Managers 

Mid-Atlantic Region Large Area Managers (MAR LAM) help manage large sections of a state working with the local Area Managers. You can also reach out to them for assistance.

MAR LAM Regions 

A map of the MAR LAM regions is below.

MAR LAMs are simplified areas. This may cause coverage into surrounding states. MAR LAM's are expected to get permission from that other state's SM if they wish to edit in that area. Otherwise, MAR LAMs should remain in the state they are assigned. 
There can be more than one MAR LAM for each region
MAR LAM Responsibilities 
Abbreviation: MAR LAM
Responsibilities: As the name suggests, MAR LAMs manage a much larger portion of the map than AMs.
As a rough rule of thumb, it is typical to grant MAR LAM areas measured in thousands of square miles
Develop projects to systematically improve the map
Planned construction/reconfiguration
Base map improvements
Coordinate regular editing upkeep of their LAM
UR/PUR/MP resolution
Unlock/uplock requests
Mentoring/outreach to new editors
MAR LAM should maintain activity on the map and in the community on a weekly basis, and preferably a daily basis

It is requested that a MAR LAM who will be away from map editing activities for more than two (2) weeks please notify the State Managers by private message (PM). This is simply to ensure, if needed, that any adjustments can be made for handling update requests or other activities.

MAR LAM Application Process 
Editor must be an active successful MAR  Area Manager for a polygon larger than PL at Zoom=0 for >45 days
Editor must be Rank 3 or higher
Editor should be an active and effective communicator to other editors via forums, Discord, GHO, and/or Private Messages.

If you're already a MAR Area Manager and you're interested in becoming a MAR LAM, please contact your SM (one of your SMs) and discuss possibilities and LAM areas.