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Draft Guidance for

Mid-Atlantic Region Multi-State Manager (MAR MSM)


The Mid-Atlantic Region Multi-State Manager (MAR MSM) role extends editing permissions to the entire Mid-Atlantic Region.


Editors eligible for receiving MAR MSM shall meet the following criteria:

  • State Manager of a MAR state for minimum of 3 months
  • Rank 5 editor
  • Good communication and leadership skills
  • Active in the community, forums, and editing
  • Regional Coordinator (RC)/Assistant Regional Coordinator (ARC) approval

Roles & Responsibilities:

For states outside their ‘home state’, MAR MSM responsibilities are toː

  • provide assistance and coverage for other SMs in MAR when timely assistance is needed and a state SM or pertinent LAM/AM is unavailable. This may include (but is not limited to):
    • Resolving  Unlock/Update/Closure requests in a timely manner;
    • Working with local editors on large editing projects such as basemap, place harmonization lists, speed limits, lanes, etc; and
    • Performing community functions such as informal mentoring and new editor outreach.
  • follow all state standards, but free to edit in the area similar to driving EA or CM privileges;
  • when appropriate, provide input on local guidance, but the MAR MSM must not set policy for other states; the local state SM(s) has final authority on state policy in consultation with RCs; and
  • in the event that an SM is on an extended leave of absence, the RC may designate a MAR MSM to assist the remaining local SMs in routine operations.