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WV Road Naming

Road names in West Virginia follow the nationwide Road Name guidance. Pay specific attention to the list of approved Abbreviations and acronyms, and when in doubt: "spell it out".

Road Names

In general, use the data you find first on this list as the primary name and all other names/numbers as alternates.

  1. Use SV to find BGS/LGS - if available, this is the primary name
  2. Use WVDOT data to find local name and route numbering (for the map raid, you’ll generally need the County Route information, CR-x or CR-x/y, but confirm higher named roads)
  3. County GIS maps (may be part of MoM’s script (?) or use the original GIS script to jump to each county)
  4. Parcel/lot information from County GIS sources or MoM's script
  5. USPS Address Search - check addresses and add as an alternate, as appropriate


  • If data is only available from a single source, use it.
  • If multiple sources conflict with a single source, use the road name confirmed by multiple sources and add the other names as alternates.
  • Always include the name from the BGS/LGS and the name from parcel data.
  • If an address is outside the bounds of a CDP, include the USPS City as an alternate.

WV Route Naming

West Virginia uses the WV-XXX format for all State Routes. For County Routes, CR-XX or CR-XX/YY is used. There are no Township Roads (TR-XXX) in West Virginia. In a few limited cases, there are special road names in use; if you see one, please do not delete it or ask a question first prior to deleting it. More detail and examples can be found here: WV Route Naming.