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USA Emergency Procedure Resources

A few things to think about when starting

  • Depending on the nature of the event you may want to extend the closure end date/time to past the reported end time for the event. For example, with major flooding how will the road condition be known until the water recedes? For snow/ice is 24/48 hours enough time for the plows and snow/ice treatment to work so roads can be opened? This is a suggestion as it is difficult for the reporting agency to know how long a road will need to be closed when the event is still occurring. It is easier to remove a closure once than to keep extending it several times a day/week. In past events we worked over 1,100 different road closures. This is not to encourage a set and forget it approach. It will be up to the locals to review the sheet and adjust/remove the closers as needed.
  • Do you want to allow traffic to auto open a closure or do you want Waze to ignore traffic when inputting a closure?
  • Be mindful of your editor's availability when setting end time on closures. Do you really want your closures ending at 8am when most people are still dealing with morning routines? Having them end at 5pm is not any better for the same reason.
  • When closing a segment it is helpful to list the between roads in case more closures are needed on the same road name in a different location(s). Saying Main St is closed it not much help if you have three different parts of Main St to close in the same city/county. Saying Main St is closed between 1st St and 5th St as an example lets other verify if anything needs to be done with the other reported closures for Main St.
  • We need to close all the segments that are reported by the source agency not just the segment we think needs closing. There might be barricades in place for all the reported segments even though a small portion of the road might be affected. The source agency needs to trust that we are going to close whatever segments they say are closed.
  • For road segments flagged as local traffic only closures the suggestion is to keep the segment closed but can be overridden by CM/RC or SM as needed.
  • For long term closures due to damage/washout please place a Map Comment over the area with any reference links showing the damage. For the title it is suggested to use the name of the storm - related closure. Example Harvey related closure.