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Below is information on the Waze V.E.O.C. The Virtual Emergency Operations Center or VEOC was setup to help areas experiencing a very high volume of closures due to an event. For those in the events path. If you can help out safely then great. Your first priority is taking care of you and yours. We will find other editors not affected by the event to help with closures. Your safety is much more important that getting a road closed in Waze.

Dedicated team

  • A Discord server is used to communicate effectively. It can be accessed at
  • The team was created to allow greater flexibility of feeds, channels, etc and be independent of any region
    • DrDisaster (NOR) head event coordinate assisted by spedracr (SER)
    • crazycaveman (SAT ARC) current owner of closure sheet and form, with assistance from dbsooner (SCR/SER) and spedracr (SER) in maintaining.
    • crazycaveman (SAT ARC) maintains form filler script for closure sheet
    • Other editors knowledgeable of process
WME tips, short cuts, etc
  • To select all segments between two other segments, first select a segment, then use alt+click to select a second segment. The editor will add to the selection group the segments in-between the first and second segments, based mostly on the street name, but also on simple straight lines. Important Be sure to check and make sure the proper segments are selected before making closures or submitting PL for processing of closures.
  • Zoom level..."Please make sure that you are zoomed out and centered to a level that shows the segments you are asking for assistance with. As a general guideline, Fwy and MH can't be zoomed out any farther than zoom 2 (2000 ft), mH and PS can't be zoomed out any farther than zoom 3 (1000 ft) and Streets and below can't be zoomed out any farther than zoom 4 (500 ft). If you are unsure, Please test your PL pasting it into a new browser tab/window to make sure proper segments are selected.
  • For long term road closures please do a MC explaining why. Also put in the subject line "RCD road washout" or "RCD bridge damage" after RCD (Road Closure Damage) then the filer option on UR-MP-Tracking can be used to find them later.
Discord Suggestions
  • Discord users that are helping with the closures should setup a keyword of closure for being pinged when attention is needed. To add a keyword, use !keyword add keywordhere. You can use multiple words, but note that you will only be messaged if the entire phrase you use is a match. To add multiple separate keywords, you need to use the command multiple times in individual messages. For more information on Discord and keywords see Discord Wazeopedia Keyword Subscriptions
WME Suggestions
  • Do not make any edits to a segment that will force a change of the segment id. If the segment id changes you will need to wait for a tile update before you can add a closure to the segment.
  • For extremely long sections of segments please provide the beginning and ending segments. The editor doing the closure will fill in the between segments.
  • Zoom Levels... When creating a PL for a closure please be sure you are zoomed in to at least Level 4 [100 M | 500 Ft]
  • Suggest using MC (Map Comments) for bridges or interchanges that have local names like Spaghetti Junction in Atlanta GA or Theo Barrs Bridge in Pensacola, FL using LRM (Local Reference Marker) will allow a filter to be done using UR-MP script to search the MC for that state. This works even if you do not have edit access in that state as of Jan 2018. Subject to change with UR-MP script updates
US County Overlays

The US Government Boundaries script can be used to superimpose county boundaries on the map and place the county name in the upper left corner with the city/state. This is very important to use so that you can verify you are closing the correct road segment in the correct county. Some road names are used in more than one county.