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High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)


Waze finally has HOV routing! This feature puts Waze out in front of the other navigation systems, but now we need to know how to configure the map for proper routing. Take your time and read it through it all and if you have questions reach out to your State Manager or Regional Coordinator and we’ll get you some help.



HOV – High Occupancy Vehicle. Has more than one person in the vehicle. It is often posted with a number after the acronym; HOV-2 or HOV2+. The number specifies the number of people to meet the HOV requirements; ex. HOV-3 means that three or more people need to be in the vehicle.


HOT – High Occupancy Toll. This is a combination of toll road and HOV. Sometimes called “Lexus Lanes” since people can buy their way onto roads with less congestion. Electronic toll roads often require a special transponder set to HOV which broadcasts the car meets the requirements so that the toll is not charged.

Express Lanes

Express Lanes – There are two main types of Express Lanes on the interstate system. They can either be HOT lanes or lanes that have limited exits. This wiki section will just deal with the HOT type of Express Lanes and the segments should follow the guidance for HOT below.

Clean Air Vehicle

Clean Air Vehicles – future feature These vehicles meet the requirements for low emissions for the state that the person is operating the vehicle. The vehicles are normally either a hybrid or electric or natural gas vehicle. Note some states require special permits or license plates to qualify.

Nearby HOV Attribute

The Nearby HOV attribute is a check box that is used for designating roads that close to the HOV lane so that Waze’s algorithm can differentiate between the varying speeds

Insert picture of the location

DO NOT SELECT this attribute on the actual HOV road segments. Even for road segments that have regular and HOV lanes on the same segment. (i.e. the segment has an HOV lane that is separated by dashed line.) Ensure the Nearby HOV attribute is selected on all parallel road segments going the same direction that are within (XXX feet) of an HOV segment. Note for reversible HOV lanes there may be road segments on both sides of the HOV lane that require the Nearby HOV attribute to be checked.

Toll Transponder Companies supported

The following companies’ toll transponders are supported in Waze:

  1. Sunpass
  2. Flexpass
  3. TxDOTTolltag
  4. Leeway
  5. O-Pass
  6. Peachpass
  7. METROHOTtag
  8. FasTrack
  9. Goodtogo
  10. E-Pass
  11. TxTAGTolltag
  12. DallasNTTATolltag
  13. E-ZPass (E-ZPassFlex)
  14. HarrisEZtag

How to map HOV lane segments

Separated HOV lane

  1. Separated HOV lanes are either lanes that are:
    1. Completely separated by a physical distance from the normal lanes (ex. land, curbs, shoulders)
    2. Separated by a concrete barrier from the normal lanes
    3. Separated by solid or double solid lines from the normal lanes
    4. Separated by flexible barriers from the normal lanes

Insert pictures of the separations

Dashed line separation

Dashed line separations are transition areas where vehicles can merge from HOV lanes to regular lanes or from the regular lanes to the HOV lanes. There are two types of situations with the HOV dashed line separation:

  1. Continual dashed line for the entire HOV lane. HOV vehicles can enter or exit at any location on the HOV lane
  2. Transition zones, where there is a limited are for entering or leaving the HOV lane

Mapping continual dashed line HOV lanes. Current forum guidance is to map the HOV lane on the regular lane. This requires a merge ramp from HOV to the regular lanes and a merge ramp back to the HOV lanes. Be sure to have each ramp labeled so that people know when to get into the regular lanes and the HOV lanes. This configuration does cause problems with excess commands for people already on the HOV lane and staying on the HOV lane. Insert picture of the location

Entering HOV restrictions

HOV only

To mark a segment for HOV use including the required number of passengers:

  1. Select Add restrictions (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected
  2. Select appropriate Entire segment/Left lane/Middle lane/Right lane in the Applies to section
  3. Select HOV in the Applies to section
  4. Select appropriate Days, Hours, and Every week [Note every week can be a date range but probably not used for HOV]
  5. Driving is _____ for
    1. Select toll free if free for HOV vehicles
    2. Select allowed for if there is a charge even for HOV vehicles
    3. Select prohibited if there are times when the road is closed to all traffic, ex. reversible lane
  6. Select Num passengers by clicking the + on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear
    1. At least 2 passengers is added
    2. Select number of passengers required by clicking the At least 2 passengers and a drop down menu will appear with selections for At least 3 (4) passengers
  7. HOV lane only part of the day/Open to all rest/part of day/Reversible lane
    1. Make sure one period is added for the segment then add additional restrictions till all appropriate times are added for one direction
    2. Be sure to add the Driving is Prohibited period(s) if a reversible lane does not allow traffic to prevent misrouting
    3. Add the appropriate time and restrictions for the opposite direction on reversible segments

How to map HOT/Express Lanes (HOV or toll allowed)

Normally the HOV vehicle is allowed to use the lane for free while other vehicles have to pay a toll. The toll rate can be variable with surge pricing to control the number of vehicles that are not HOV on the road. Therefore this is setting up or statements. A vehicle can use the road for free if meeting the HOV requirements or the vehicle has to pay a toll.

For each segment that is HOT/Express Lane

  1. Set up the HOV restrictions following the instructions for HOV above [Note do we want to link to above or repeat steps a drop down?]
  2. Set up the applicable segment for toll road by selecting the applicable toll transponder(s)
  3. Select Add restrictions (Time Based Segment Restrictions) on the left panel when the segment is selected
  4. Select allowed on the Driving is ____ for section
  5. Select subscription by clicking the +' on the green add restriction banner and a drop down menu will appear
  6. Select applicable transponder company by clicking the Sunpass and a drop down menu will appear with all available companies

Mapping toll attribute

The check box for the toll attribute is removed and no longer applicable

Reminder probably need the toll restriction moved to toll road section too.

Transponder only

Transponder or cash

Cash only

Transponder 24/7 and cash (part time)

[Note this section might need to move to the toll road section and then be linked here.]