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Revision as of 07:57, 12 November 2017 by PesachZ (talk | contribs) (passes)

Based on new guidance from staff recommend the following changes to the HOV and TBSR wazeopedia sections:

  1. All non-ramp road segments connecting HOV alternatives to their non-hov counterparts need to be marked with Allowed HOV restrictions. The only requirement is that they have an assigned "lane type" (Entire segment/Right/Center/Left). Make sure the second part of the line has the appropriate HOV/HOT/Express/etc label.
  1. Ramp segments can be marked with HOV Allowed restrictions. This helps to cover some mistakes in labeling so should be done as a good practice. Since the prohibition for trucks and vehicles towing a trailer can not be added to the main line segments, these prohibited restrictions can be set for the ramp going to the HOV lanes. Enter the "Entire segment" and make sure the second part of the line has the appropriate HOV/HOT/Express/etc label.

This would be a new section 1.6.1 in HOV and all the current 1.6.1-1.6.4 would move down to 1.6.2-1.6.5

This would be a new section in Partial restrictions and the current would move down to

Also change the list "Toll Transponder Companies supported" to be "Toll transponders/passes/permits supported [title]"

"The following is a list of all toll transponder companies, passes, permits, and special license plates supported by Waze. By default they are only displayed in their assigned states in the client, and they are listed alphabetically.

  1. Alabama Freedom Pass
  2. CAV decal
  3. Clean Pass
  4. E-Pass
  5. E-ZPass
  6. E-ZPass Flex
  7. ExpressToll
  8. EZ TAG
  9. FAST
  10. FasTrak
  11. FasTrak Flex
  12. GeauxPass
  13. Good To Go!
  14. Good To Go! Flex Pass
  15. Hatem Brg E-ZPass
  16. HOV Smart Pass
  17. I-Pass
  18. K-Tag
  19. LeeWay
  20. Metro HOT Lanes Toll Tag
  21. MnPASS
  22. NationalPass
  23. NC Quick Pass
  24. NC Quick Pass - E-ZPass
  25. NEXUS
  26. NPS America the Beautiful
  27. Palmetto Pass
  28. Pay Tollo
  29. Peach Pass
  31. RiverLink
  32. RiverLink - E-ZPass
  33. SENTRI
  34. Single Facility / Road Pass
  35. SunPass
  36. TollTag
  37. TxTag

We expect for Kalanianaole HOV, Ontario Green Plate, and Clean Air - Blue Skies Plate to be added shortly

A new picture will be added when this goes to the live wazeopedia