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For toll roads that require a transponder and/or pass, each segment should have a segment restriction on it. But some toll roads are open to all and will accept cash or pay by plate billing. Some also are marked XX Transponder Only, but allow users to pay by web (usually within a few days).

For toll plazas that have separate lanes for the transponder, consideration should be given to mapping them. The transponder only lane often has a higher speed limit and since people aren't fumbling for their change there is often a faster routing time. Therefore mapping will help give the Wazer a more accurate time of arrival and encourage them to add the appropriate transponder, pass, or toll paying application.

There are three main ways of mapping the transponder lanes: 1 Do nothing and allow all traffic to go through the same segment at the plaza

  • Advantages: Simplicity of map editing
  • Disadvantages: Bad ETA for both transponder/pass/app users and cash/pay by plate/web paying users

2 Map the separate transponder/pass/app lanes

  • Advantages: Better ETA for all users (who have app appropriately set up)
  • Disadvantages: Slightly more complex mapping of segments required and will get URs stating transponder lanes missing or why am I routed to Cash Lane?

For consistency to the user in a region, the decision to map or not should be made by the Region's leadership (RC, ARC(s), and SMs) and then applied across the region. If the transponder/pass/app lanes are mapped, then there are a few ways to map them; announce the transponder lane or not and use of ramps or same road segment type are the main ones.

Announce the transponder lane

If a person has the appropriate transponder (or its equivalent transponder) selected then should they be told to keep left (right) for the "XX transponder lane"? If so use the appropriate angle or the appropriate turn instruction override. If the desire for the direction to the "XX transponder lane" is not desired then the "None" turn instruction overide should be used.

Mapping the transponder lane

Mapping the transponder lane essentially sets up a parallel path, so we have to make sure that we don't set up Big Detour Prevention and have the road type.

BDP set up