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New to editing frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Whether you're interested in editing the map because you have a specific problem you want to fix or you just want to help make the map better, you should first orient yourself with the Waze Map Editor (WME) interface so that you are familiar with the tools that are used for editing the map. (other links go here...)

I've got a specific map problem that I want to fix

Why is Waze taking me to the wrong location?

See topics below for some help on how to resolve issues when the wrong location is close to or far from the actual destination.

Waze takes me to a nearby road with no access to my destination

First we must determine whether the wrong location information is coming from Waze or another third-party source (usually Google Maps). Enter the destination into the WME search bar. Ensure that you have the Places layer enabled. If your search yields only one result, select the result and see where it takes you on the map. Is this where Waze was trying to take you? If so, is there a Waze Place Point or Area at the location? If yes, you will simply need to adjust the position of the Place on the map so that it takes you to the correct road. If you do not see a Waze Place on the map, is your destination an address or business name? If it's an address, first check whether there is an incorrect HN placed on the road. If there are no issues with the HN or your destination is a business, it's time to check for an erroneous Google Map pin.

Waze takes me to a wrong location that is not where my destination should be at all

A completely incorrect destination pin is usually a sign of a problem with the Google Maps pin. Nevertheless, first check the obvious using the techniques for incorrect routing to a nearby road above. If that doesn't solve the problem, you can add the destination to the Waze map, which in theory should be picked over the Google Maps result.

Why is Waze giving me the wrong turn instructions?

Waze should have told me to turn/stay on a road, but instead, there was no instruction

Waze determines turn instructions by the angle at which it meets the intersecting road. (link) This can be adjusted to give the desired navigational prompts.

Waze should tell me to continue on a road where the road name changes

Waze currently does not support this feature, but it may be added in the future.

= The roundabout instructions did not make sense


How do I fix a turn that is not allowed?

The turn is not allowed, but I can't seem to change the arrows at the end of the segment

The road is likely locked above your rank (1). You will need to ask for some help in the chat room or post an unlock or update request in the appropriate [[1].

There is no U-turns allowed here

There are several ways to prevent a U-turn. Which method to use will depend on the intersection setup. (More info here)

No specific map problems, but I want to help make the map better. Where do I start?

(Under construction...)