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This is a draft to replace the "To Do List" section of the TN Wazeo

To Do List

This list is intended to help guide the editing efforts of Editors working in Tennessee, and to help editors identify things to work on. All high-quality edits make the map better and are thus valuable - this list will hopefully help answer the question of "well, now what can I do?" Please check back here frequently, as this list will change as projects are completed and new ones added. Announcements of changes will be made in Discord as well.

Tracked vs Untracked Projects: TN State Managers have developed tracking mechanisms for some projects. These tracking sheets are meant to help editors not waste their time working where work has already been completed, and to help keep up with how close to complete we are on each one. The presence of a tracking sheet does not mean that a particular project is more or less important than one without.

Tracked Projects

Functional Classification (FC)

Review of the latest TDOT Functional Classification maps to ensure proper implementation in the Waze map. Implementing TDOT FC on the Waze map helps steer traffic to routes which are planned to handle the extra traffic, and hopefully are in better condition and better marked.

Editing Procedure

The TDOT maps are published county-by-county in PDF format. Some counties have more than one map published and referenced. We will work map-by-map to verify that the FC has been properly implemented in the Waze map. We recommend that you print off the map so you can highlight your progress between editing sessions, or use a digital means to do so. As you work, please make sure to check all of the following details on roads included on the FC maps:

  1. WME road type should match or exceed the TDOT FC.
    1. When you find segments which are mapped in WME above their current FC levels, please contact TN SMs for review. Many roads were downgraded by TDOT in the last round of maps, but some have been deliberately upgraded.
    2. If we decide to keep the segments upgraded, please document in the Upgrade Tracking List, found here: XXX
  2. Implement lock levels to match the WME road type.
    1. If a segment is deliberately upgraded above FC, please lock to +1 above its normal lock level. i.e. if a segment is marked on FC as PS, and we agree to upgrade it to mH, please lock at 4. That sends a message to future editors that this upgrade was deliberate.
  3. Check and add primary and Alternate names for the correct US, TN, and SR numbers, as well as any local names which may be used on signage or addressing.
    1. Numbered routes are generally indicated on the FC maps. The five- and six-digit route numbers shown on the FC maps do not get mapped in Waze.
  4. Check and add city names.
    1. Where inside incorporated city boundaries, the primary and all alternate names should carry the city name.
      1. In rare occasions the USPS city name will be different from the incorporated city name. In that case, the primary name should be the incorporated city name, and alternate names should be included for both city names.
    2. Where outside incorporated city boundaries, the primary city name should be "No City." All alternate names should carry the applicable USPS city name. This includes adding an alternate name of the format [Primary Street Name], [USPS City], TN.

Note: To preserve map connectivity, if you are editing a road that leaves the FC map that you are currently working, please check with the map it moves onto and carry your edits on to the end of the road. Don't just upgrade out to the county line and stop.

Tracking Procedure

Our progress on this project will be tracked by this Google Sheets document. Please keep the sheet updated as you work.

  1. When you start work on a particular map, please set the status to "In Progress," and include your editor name and date. This prevents another editor from spending time simultaneously working the same map you are.
  2. When you complete a map, please set the status to "Complete" and update the date to when it was completed.
    1. Please work any "Inset Areas" on the FC map as part of the map you are on. This does not include references to different numbered maps, but just Insets that are printed on the same map.
    2. If your editing area prevents you from making necessary edits to complete a map, or if your rank prevents you from implementing the correct lock levels, please reach out to other editors to get those edits made prior to marking the map as "Complete."
    3. Remember, once you mark a map as "Complete," it will likely be a long time before another editor deliberately reviews the FC for that map's area.

Currently we have completed the review of 0 out of 99 TDOT Functional Classification maps. 0% complete.