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Williamsburg/James City County Speed Limit Project

         City of Williamsburg: ~90% overall (98% Secondary)
         County of James City: ~70% overall (98% Secondary)
       Italics-Pending Completion
    Speed Limit Additions Required:
         Major Highway:
              York St-WJCC
              Pocahontas Trl-WJCC
         Minor Highway
              Lafayette St-Williamsburg
         Primary Street
              York Street-Williamsburg

Western Tidewater Speed Limit Project

         Incorporated Township of Surry: 100% Overall
         Incorporated Township of Smithfield: 100% overall
         Census Designated Rushmere: 100% Overall (100% Secondary)
         Census Designated Benns Church: Pending
         Census Designated Carrollton: Pending
         Town of Wakefield: 100% Overall
         Town of Windsor: 100% Overall
         County of Isle of Wight: 50% Overall

Smudge Patrol

         CDP Scotland: 100% Completed
         CDP Rushmere: 100% Completed
         CDP Benns Church: Unknown
         CDP Carrollton: Unknown
         Town of Windsor: <75% Completed
         Town of Wakefield: 100% Completed
         Town of Ivor: 100% Completed
         Town of Smithfield: >75% Completed
         Town of Dendron: 100% Completed
         Town of Surry: 100% Completed
         Town of Sedley: 100% Completed
         Town of Dendron: 100% Completed
         Town of Wakefield: 100% Completed
         City of Williamsburg: 100% Completed

Updates/To-Do List

  Williamsburg City/York Co./James City Co. Updates Required
         Colonial National Historic Parkway: 
              Unlock Required-False Restrictions: 
                   Permalink Cited:
         Colonial National Historic Parkway @ W Queens Dr:
              At-Grade-Connector Requiring Assessment
                   Permalink Cited:

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