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Opening paragraph. Welcome. Purpose and guidelines. What the waze map is designed for. What it is not designed for. Usability. Simplicity. Retention.

Your first editing session

  • That silly, out-of-date video
  • What not to do (delete roads. Create area places. Create parking lots. Add lots of roads or lanes in parking lots)
  • Learn to work the chat -- introduce yourself as a first-time editor
  • Using the practice editor
  • What to edit your first time out
  • Get your area manager to check your work.
    • How to find your area manager.

After your first editing session

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Check your work
    • Good tools for checking your own work
      • WME validator
      • The letter Z
      • Color Highlighter
  • Start reading the wiki
  • Using the forums