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Waze uses various icons in the phone app (client application). These are shown below.

Alert Types

  • Alert pin hazard@2x.png - Hazard
  • Alert pin chit chat@2x.png - Chit chat
  • Alert pin loads@2x.png - Traffic
  • Alert pin police@2x.png - Police
  • Alert pin accident@2x.png - Accident
  • Alert pin other@2x.png - Alerts from other providers
  • Rm red light cam@2x.png - Red light cam
  • Rm dummy speed cam@2x.png - dummy speed cam
  • Rm speed cam@2x.png - Speed cam



Exclusive Moods

These exclusive moods are available to map editors based on their editing rank.

  • RobotAv.png - Robot (level 2 editors)
  • 8bitAv.png - 8bit (level 3 editors)
  • TRexAv.png - T-Rex (level 5 editors)

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