Windows Mobile app problems

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Waze version OS version Problem Models affected Status
Loses last segment of a recorded road The current workaround is to force a turn (so the segment colour changes from blue to red, before you finish recording.
2.0 6.5.3 Can't nest text entry. If say, entering a ping, and a new ping comes in, to which you reply, the text you were entering for the first ping is lost HTC Diamond 2
2.0 Waze freezes or won't start properly due to lack of available RAM HTC Sense, HTC Diamond 2 Close other apps, delete unnecessary apps, use Windows default home screen
2.0 Cannot tap to select roads, only intersections, when in 3D mode
2.0 6.5 Can't edit text other than backspace to delete back to the error HTC Imagio
2.0 6.5 Virtual keyboard disappears while doing text entry, if message from another app comes up HTC Imagio
2.0 WVGA Waze app does not work on WVGA model phone i900,i8000,Omnia,OmnizII VGA Waze app 2.0 will run