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This will be used for links to Google docs that provide areas of To-Do for SM's, AM's and active Editors in the state.

Ongoing To-Do:

  • Primary Streets Without SL All FWY, MH, and mH roads have their speed limits assigned in Wisconsin. The next step is to ensure all Primary Streets have their speed limits added and verified. Please use this link to keep track of segments still missing their SL, and delete them once they’ve been added to WME.
  • Remove House Numbers from freeways (ongoing project). Be sure to re-add the numbers to the proper frontage road (or other access road), and to add the name of the freeway as an alternate name to that access road. See here as an example [1]

Special State Programs: See Wisconsin/Special Programs to access the Temporary AM Areas program page.

Wisconsin Large Area Manager (LAM) Program: The state of Wisconsin has initiated a program called Large Area Manager (LAM), which is an accepted program in the Great Lakes Region (GLR). Please see this page for details on the role: Wisconsin LAM Role