Average Speed Zones

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Average Speed Check sign


When wazers are following a navigation route the App will announce when entering an average speed zone and show a progression bar on the side of the screen. Only the announcement of entering the average speed zone occurs when wazers are driving without navigation. The App does not compute/display an average speed, instead it continues to show the live speed.

Adding average speed zones

You may wish to use the WME Color Highlights script to help visualise which average speed zones have been set already.
WME screenshot

Ensure the speed limits are mapped correctly along all segments within the average speed zone.

Select all segments within the average speed zone, from first to last camera or sign, and check the boxes for each direction that applies. For 1-way segments only one box is shown.

Segments should only be split if the average speed zone begins or ends further than 100 metres from an existing node.

Each camera location should be mapped and for each direction of enforcement. WME doesn't currently have a camera type for average speed cameras so standard speed cameras should be used.

Temporary average speed zones

Mapping average speed zones for events or roadworks may cause more issues than they solve due to the requirement for a map tile update before the changes reach the App. Careful consideration should be made, with advice from the UK Country Managers, when to map long-term roadwork projects. If you do apply a temporary average speed zone you must be prepared to be responsible for maintaining it, and reverting it back to a standard road when the roadworks are complete.

Editors should also read the Average Speed Cameras - Mapping Guidelines on the UK forum