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=== Proposed revision to Non-drivable text === <-- This is now covered by Footpath wiki page (Atrophicshiner (talk))

Non-drivable – these are the Walking Trail, Pedestrian Boardwalk and Stairway types (Footpath, Pedestrianised area and Stairway in English (UK)) types and are useful where there are addresses which are not directly accessible by road. They are generally not worth adding “because they are there and Waze is a mapping app, isn’t it?” because Waze is a navigation app and we’re only interested in routes which will be useful for navigation. There is an example here where house-numbers have been added to a footpath as that is the only way of getting near to these addresses.

New editors frequently add footpaths across parks and commons and these generally serve no purpose and can be left alone. There are times, however, when footpaths need to be discouraged, particularly where they add clutter to the display in the app and could cause confusion to drivers. Where Area Managers come across examples, they should be deleted with a PM to the originator pointing them at this section of Wazeopedia.