Speed Limits

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Speed limit information for a given road can be added to each segment within the WME. This speed limit information is used by the client App to compare the Wazer's actual speed relative to the known speed limit, alerting them when they exceed the speed limit set within WME. The speed limit set by an editor does not influence routing in any way.

Setting speed limits

Make sure you have the correct units set! Having metric selected does not work well with mph.
WME screenshot of segment speed limit info

Select the segment you wish to edit, in the left-hand panel the speed limit can be set within the dedicated boxes for each direction. If the segment is 1-way, only 1 box will show.

For road types  Primary Street ,  Minor Highway ,  Major Highway ,  Motorway , the WME may suggest a speed limit based upon speed data across the segment. This unverified speed limit will not show in the App until it has been verified by an editor.

Where a speed limit changes mid segment, the segment should be split as close as possible to the point of change. If this point is close to a junction (approx 100ft) then the speed limit should be set to the majority limit along it's length.

You may wish to use the WME Color Speeds script to help visualise which speed limits have been set already.

Speed limits that should be recorded

UK speed limit sign

Fixed regulatory speed limits

All speed limits in the UK are shown using circular signs with a red border and black text. These can be checked using external sources such as StreetView, however note should be taken of the age of images. Confirmation of newly changed speed limits can often be found in Public Notices and Traffic Regulation Orders.

UK national speed limit sign

National speed limit

Waze does not support speed limits for different vehicle type so all speed limits should be set to that applicable to Cars, Motorcycles, and Vans. You can not mark a segment as being covered by the National Speed Limit. Instead you must add the numerical limit that applies to that road type.

Built up areas Single carriageways Dual carriageways Motorways
A road which has street lighting is generally limited to 30 mph unless otherwise specified. A single carriageway road can have 1 or more lanes for travelling in either direction and is generally limited to 60 mph unless otherwise specified. A dual carriageway road can have 1 or more lanes for travelling in either direction, each direction is separated with a central reservation, and is generally limited to 70 mph unless otherwise specified. Motorways, as defined by the rectangular blue signs with white text are generally limited to 70 mph unless otherwise specified.

Private speed limits

Speed limits on private land do not need to be recorded, but if the speed limit sign is clearly visible then having it recorded will give the best experience to Wazers.

Speed limits that should not be recorded

UK advisory speed limit sign

Advisory speed limits

Advisory speed limits, often found on sharp bends, school zones, as these are advisory only they should not mapped in the WME.

Green Twenty is Plenty signs in Scotland are advisory only and not enforceable but can be mapped as they are usually accompanied by road markings.

Temporary speed limits

Changing the speed limits for events or roadworks may cause more issues than solve due to the requirement for a map tile update before the change reaches the App. Careful consideration should be made, with advice from the UK Country Managers, when to map long-term roadwork projects. If you do apply a temporary speed limit change you must be prepared to be responsible for maintaining it, and reverting it back to the correct speed limit when the roadworks are complete.

Time-based speed limits

With the introduction of Smart Motorways it is possible for speed limits to vary throughout the day. Some school zones have a reduction in speed limit during the start and end of the school day. WME does not support variable speed limits so only the maximum speed limit should be mapped.

UK minimum speed limit sign

Minimum speed limits

WME does not have the ability to record a minimum speed limit so these should not be mapped. Only Maximum speed limits should be recorded.

Editors should also read the UK Speed Limits - Editing Guidelines and Tips on the UK forum