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Most things can be corrected directly from the WME, however there are a few items that must be highlighted to higher authorities for them to be amended. This is intended to be a go to page for such report forms, with some info on what completing each form should achieve.

Unlock segments locked to Staff level

Summary: All Staff locks have been removed from the UK map (as of May 2017). If you encounter any Staff locks int he UK while editing please contact TimBones who can assist.

ELGIN Roadworks Alert Removal

Link: Roadworks Report Removal Request Form (Google Doc)

Summary: Use this form to remove ELGIN roadwork reports that are no longer relevant. TimBones has created an monitor that automatically removes ELGIN reports, based upon certain keywords, if comments are left on the reports in the App.

Link: Advertisement pins requiring corrections (Google Doc)

Link (alt): Misplaced ad pin (Waze support page)

Summary: Use this form to notify HQ of advertisement pins being in the wrong location. Businesses that have previously advertised with Waze include McDonald's, BP, Costa, Argos, Jet, Screwfix...

Text-to-Speech issues

Link: TTS Pronunciation and Abbreviation issues

Summary: Use this form to report problems with the App pronouncing names incorrectly or when abbreviation fails. Before submitting this form it is worth checking the TTS by selecting the segment, editing the segment name, and clicking on the speaker icon. Note: You can find some abbreviations on the Roads page, however the App has many more.

Car Park import errors

Link: Parking Import Issues (Google Doc)

Summary: Use this form to notify HQ of any errors with car parks imported by WazeParking1. This is not for reporting edits made by other users.

City modifications

Link: Cities form (Google Doc)

Summary: Use this form to get cities names changed, merged, deleted, etc. It may be worth checking with other editors in the UK Forum before submitting requests as this form works best for large segment numbers. Note: Some of these functions can be done by an L5+ editor.