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Authority Traffic Orders Closures Planning Highways Record Other
East Midlands
Nottinghamshire Map1 Map2 Map3
Greater London
Bexley Public notices Map
City of London Closures & events
Croydon Permanent | Temporary Closures
Ealing Weekly roadworks
Enfield Recent TMOs
Hammersmith & Fulham Weekly roadworks
Kensington & Chelsea Weekly bulletin
Kingston-upon-Thames TMO archive [Google Drive] Weekly roadworks Adoption map
Lambeth Recent orders
Merton Roadworks bulletin
Richmond Roadworks map
Southwark Recent TMOs | Stopping up District map
Sutton TMOs & Notices
Wandsworth Roadworks bulletin Map
Westminster TMO search Fortnightly bulletin
South East
Buckinghamshire Street record [XLS] Major projects
Dartford Map
East Hampshire Map
East Sussex Roadworks
Isle of Wight Closures [PDF]
Surrey Public notices Map4 Map5
West Sussex Roadworks list
South West
Devon Roadworks & major projects
Utility Companies
Severn Trent Water Bristol Channel to the Humber, Shropshire to the East Midlands
Southern Gas Networks Scotland, the south of England and part of Northern Ireland


  1. Select Traffic Regulation Orders and / or Turning Point Restrictions layer under Layers > Transport & Streets
  2. Select Planning Applications layer under Layers > Planning
  3. Select Adopted Highways layer under Layers > Transport & Streets
  4. Select Planning Applications layer under Environment, housing and planning
  5. Select Road Network layer under Roads and Transport