Railway Crossing Alerts

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A new feature introduced April 2020, to provide an audible and visual alert when approaching a railway crossing. The feature was designed for partners in the United States, but all countries had access to it. Below are the guidelines for implementation in Australia - note they differ from other countries.

  • Railway crossing alerts in Australia should only be added for railway crossings without boom gates OR warning light systems.
  • They should not be added for tram or light rail crossings, due to their high risk of creating map clutter and alert fatigue in dense areas.
  • They should be placed close to the actual rail lines, and aligned in the same way as speed/red light camera - facing the direction of travel for the alert.
  • A separate railway crossing alert is needed for each direction.
  • Railway crossing alerts should be manually locked to level 3 after creation.
  • Initially, mapping of railway crossing alerts should focus on higher road types such as highways and primary streets.