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  • WME Place Interface Enhancements (WMEPIE) Script adding functionality Places,such as showing the size and possibility to resize area Places, buttons to zoom and center, quick categorization, auto set address, verify link with GM, etc.
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  • WME Split POI script This script adds a button to the WME that allows you to split or cut Places from the category Natural Features into two, keeping the specifics. Can be used for all Natural Features like Island, Sea/Lake/Pool, River/Stream, Forest/Grove, Farm, Canal, Swamp / Marsh, Dam
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  • WME Color Highlights Adds color highlighting to Places according to their status and type. Shows rivers blue in WME.
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  • WME Toolbox can select and filter Places, and show the area size. And many more other tools, see Toolbox
  • Place Browser