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For public buildings or services such as fire departments, town halls and the like, we write the location after the name of the building or service, e.g., Stadhuis Antwerpen. For Organisations that have several locations, specify the location after a hyphen, after the general name of the organisation, e.g., UZ leuven - campus Gasthuisberg.

Sub-category Description / Examples Naming Lock ≥ *
City Hall local name use {Building/Service} {Municipality}
College / University
Conventions / Event Center
Doctor / Clinic Use this category for non-urgent medical care. See for urgent medical care Hospital / Medical Care below
Embassy / Consulate
Emergency shelter
Factory / industrial
Fire department {City} {department}
Hospital / Urgent Care Hospitals, First Aid Posts and other places that offer emergency aid. Use Doctor / Clinic for non-urgent medical care
Information point
Library {City} {location}
Organization or Association
Police Station {City} {department}
Prison / Correctional Facility
Post Office
Trash & Recycling facility

* If the place needs to be protected, a higher lock level can be applied. See the Regional Guidelines for details