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Additional Editing Tips


  • Always make a junction as simple as possible while keeping full functionality.
  • Always keep in mind how the instructions will show and sound like in the app.


  • Start the WME on the previous location:
  • Start the WME again on the same location: create and bookmark the PL
  • Select multiple segments: Press the Ctrl key and click on the segments that has to be selected.
  • Easy (re)move geometry nodes near a junction: select both segments.
  • Use Alt-shift-r to refresh (reload all layers) without reloading the complete windows (F5).
  • Use the Esc-key to skip a suggested street- or city name.
  • Check roads on satellite picture: Turn off the Road overlay layer. Toggle road layer Shift-r.
  • Split a segment into two segments by drawing a new road and connecting this to the segment to split; then remove the new road.

Approach from intersection to roundabout

  • When changing an intersection into roundabout, it's easiest to cut up some segments so that you can close off some small segments and have room left to draw in the roundabout.

New road, not yet available for traffic
If you want to map a new road while it is not yet available for traffic, follow the next steps:
- Draw the new road segments.
- Add Restrictions that effectively close the affected segments to all traffic.
- Connect the segments to the rest of the road network.
Wait for the Map update that publishes the new segments.
- Remove the restrictions.
- Add Closures to close the road segments.
When the road segments are opened to traffic:
- Remove the Closures.

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