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LARGAS (LAngzaam Rijden Gaat Sneller) refers to a situation where crossing roads are connected in a way that the traffic passes in an optimal way. In most cases the roads are connected with a sort of roundabout.

On the Waze map LARGAS implementations deviate from the standard approach. The map doesn't show a roundabout but crossing roads with some added extra functionality. Sometimes a Junction Box is used. To protect the chosen implementation LARGAS crossings / roundabout are locked on a higher level.


Hilversum, Minckelersstraat - Kamerlingh Onnesweg: a junction box is usedHilversum
Leeuwarden, Telemannstraat - Valeriusstraat: U-turn methodLeeuwarden
Broek op Langedijk, Westelijke Randweg - Grootoort/KlaverslootBroek op Langedijk
...and a U-turn...Broek op Langedijk

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