Restrictions History

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Segment restrictions

  • For each road it is possible to add time-based segment restriction (TBSR).
  • Click Add new for A > B, B > A or Two way.
  • If applicable check Toll road.
  • Save the restrictions by clicking Apply.

For an example of a time based restriction combined with destination traffic allowed see Complex Restrictions.

Vehicle types

For which vehicle traffic a road is restricted depends on the road sign or physical blockade:

  • Restricted for cars: Verkeersbord-C06.png
  • Restricted for motorcycles: Verkeersbord-C11.png
  • Restricted for both: Verkeersbord-C12.png

If poles are blocking car traffic but there are no road signs restricting motor cycle taffic, then the passthrough of motorcycles should be allowed by a TBR.

Example partially restricted segment


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