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Roundabouts, rotaries, or traffic circles, are unique segments of roadway in the Waze router. When a driver approaches a roundabout, a specific icon is displayed in the turn direction area of the display with a number corresponding to the exit count from the driver's entry into the roundabout.

D01 traffic sign

Only traffic circles with the D01 traffic sign should be mapped as roundabout. Other traffic circles should be mapped with separate curved segments or just as crossing.

If you want to add a roundabout, you firstly draw the roads as a normal crossroad, but don't connect the roads/segments. Secondly you draw the roundabout and WME will connect the crossing roads automatically. Extended information can be found in the USA wiki on the: Roundabouts/USA page.


  • Add a City name and, if there are addresses linked to the roundabout, a Street name. Otherwise, leave the Street name empty.
  • If a roundabout has his own name a Junction / interchange area place can be created.
  • A roundabout always get as road type the type of the most important passing through road.
  • Enter as Speed limit the highest maximum speed of the connected segments.
  • A dead-end street (cul de sac) should not have a roundabout at the end.
  • If there is no road sign for a roundabout don't use a roundabout.
  • Don't connect more than one road to a roundabout node. Each connected road should have its own connection to the roundabout.
  • Don't create connected roads within a roundabout. This lead to weird instructions like "take exit zero".
  • LARGAS refers to a special type roundabout.
  • For moving a complete roundabout the WME RA util script can be used.

Cul de sac should be defined as a dead end street, not as a roundabout

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